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Extended Telecollaboration Practice (ETP) facilitates trainee English as foreign language teachers at Kibbutzim College, Israel, and Ludwigsburg University, Germany, to collaborate online and promote their intercultural, methodological, and linguistic competences through experiential learning. Students in the program meet weekly online to get to know each other, to learn together, and to create educational products together.


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Looking back over 5 years of ETP, feelings of excitement and wonder mingle with feelings of frustration and disappointment. Problems existed usually due to technological breakdowns. Disappointments stemmed from students missing opportunities for rich, meaningful intercultural communication sometimes to save face. Excitement arose from the satisfaction students spoke of when collaborating on tasks and products. And a sense of wonder sprung from the realization that the course frequently facilitated change, as this example of student feedback shows.“ It was a joy to discover our differences through our holidays, food, beliefs and how we are the same through our hopes and aspirations as future teachers and educators. It is comforting to have such a close community, despite the huge geographical distances between us” (Student, cohort 5).

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